Technology for efficient and sustainable production

At ADF TIB we develop solutions with strong technological content to provide an answer to the industrial challenges of our customers. In almost all industries, technology makes work easier, safer and more measurable. Investing in the development of the right technology is a cost-saving choice in the long term. It leads to better use of the right materials and produces more efficient and sustainable production. ADF TIB also offers direct insight into how these technological developments generate cost savings. Our experts are specially trained to implement every solution perfectly.

Tailor-made solutions

ADF TIB is a key player in new construction projects, modernization projects and process improvements. It offers a complete service to large and small industrial partners in the Benelux. No problem is the same and therefore always requires its own solution. For this reason, our solutions are always custom-designed. Often there are several disciplines that are covered and the cooperation of several teams is essential to answer the specific requirements of the customer. By combining the specialties of each team, we guarantee an appropriate result for each project. With more than 50 years of experience, our partners are assured of a solution of the highest level.

Guaranteed quality

ADF TIB offers products and services that meet the demanding standards that are applicable in the industry at all times. This includes safety, hygiene and environmental regulations, but also productivity-quality requirements. To keep the level of all welding and manufacturing high, ADF TIB follows the strictest quality standards. In the quality follow-up, we follow a welding file that meets all European standards. In addition, each client applies his own rules and standards. Through a dialogue with the customer we find the right balance between risk management and the practical situation. We always have only one goal in mind: offer solutions that maintain and improve the performance of our industrial customers.

Facing the challenge

Every project is a new challenge with different disciplines, circumstances and people. Flexibility and adaptation to the situation is therefore necessary. We can choose from 3000 employees, each with their own competencies in their field. This way, we can always put together the right team to achieve the objectives of the project. ADF TIB would like to take up the challenge with you to find a solution to your problems. If you would like more information first, please contact ADF TIB.

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