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Industrial services

ADF delivers its services to several industries: petrochemical industry, material- and raw material industry, nuclear industry, energy industry, oil- and gas industry, aviation industry... It usually concerns multinationals with a large market and an extensive supply of materials. These are mostly industries which rely heavily on far-reaching forms of mechanization and automation, are capital intensive and work with advanced materials, facilities or management.

ADF provides case studies, expertise and maintenance work. We also assist in the construction of piping, mechanical parts and structures.

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From analysis to industrial maintenance

Our core activities in Belgium pertain to the petrochemical industry, the steel industry and the oil- and gas industry. In these industries we come into play as a case study agency (for which we provide detailed analyses), but we also take care of the practical and executive aspect of such projects.

Amongst other things, this includes industrial maintenance, construction projects or the installation of industrial constructions. For each of these projects we provide the right technicians with the required theoretical knowledge and hands-on expertise, whether this involves a stability engineer, an executive technician, an HSE employee or a maintenance manager. We are able to assemble a team of professionals for each industrial market.

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