Holistic approach

The 3 pillars

ADF TIB offers its customers a total solution package based on 3 pillars. The first pillar is industrial maintenance. We maintain and improve the performance and productivity of our industrial customers through careful maintenance of the installations. The second pillar is the creation and realisation of major project of our partners. With the pillar technologies, we design and install industrial solutions with strong technological content. The main purpose of this is optimization of existing installations. The final pillar, energy and environment focusses on delivering services that reduce the impact of the industrial procedures on the environment in a sustainable way.

  • The industrial maintenance

    More than 40% of our service delivery is directed to the industrial maintenance of the customer. We strive towards the optimization of the installations, while keeping them optimally available during maintenance hours. This is realised by ADF TIB by its proven experience in maintenance planning and procedures. These have minimal effect on the employability of the installations.

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  • Major projects

    The major projects pillar takes up 38% of our service delivery. ADF TIB assists with the creation and realisation of major project by implementing turnkey solutions. We carry out customer investments in the expansion or improvement of industrial installations. With the combining of different teams with each their own area of expertise, we end every project on good terms.

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  • Technologies

    21% of our efforts go into the development and instalment of solutions with strong technological content. With this we provide answers to the industrial challenges of our partners. The innovative technologies are used for the optimization of existing installations.

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