Studies and Expertise

Strong theoretical foundations

The ADF Group has its own separate Studies and Expertise department. Because of this, we are able to guarantee technical expertise over a wide range of sectors and specific activities. We possess a team of professionals for each area of expertise which will closely monitor the theoretical planning and execution of your project.

This pertains to the following domains:

  • Design/schedules
  • Engineering maintenance
  • Capacity increase
  • Procedural adaptations
  • Decommissioning
  • Design and installation of industrial plant
  • Machines and equipment modifications

Quality starts with theoretical knowledge. Thanks to our teams of experts, ADF provides an individualized and optimized starting point on which to further build your project.

Theoretical applications

Thanks to our theoretical know-how, ADF is able to achieve a structured, organized and optimized execution of your industrial projects. With which theoretical or analytical projects is ADF able to assist you?

  • General installation study: guidance (APS - APD)
  • Study of pipeline networks / production of isometries
  • Actualization of method and electrical diagrams (P&ID)
  • Design or revision of pressure vessels: cylinders, expansion vessels, heat exchanger, storage tank
  • Study of metallic constructions
  • Design of specially automated machines
  • Design of tools and specific equipment
  • Mechanical survey studies and assembly
PDMS AutoCAD Inventor
Solidworks Catia Plant 3D


Technical administrative management

Does the word “paperwork” make your hair stand on end? ADF would be glad to tackle even that burden in your stead. We provide technical solutions related to managing and using all types of technical documents. Industrial maintenance, optimization of your production process or the construction of new machinery takes a lot of paperwork and theoretical know-how. As such, we gladly assist with, among other things:

  • Scanning and vectorization of the plans according to paper size
  • Actualization of plans
  • Creating machine file
  • Codification and GMAO references of plans, installations and replacements
  • Documentary inventory
  • Ground surveys
  • Reliability of facilities

A mechanic, industrial engineer, project manager and so on all carefully examine these different kinds of documentation before starting their work on your project. A correct practical execution of their job is therefore based on the reliable composition of this technical documentation. A burden that ADF would be happy to take off your shoulders!

Administrative support

Aside from technical documentation, efficiently managing your administration is equally important in order to maintain oversight, both financially and in a practical sense. For the following jobs you can rely on ADF to provide the correct documentation:

  • Preparation and follow-up of works
  • Drawing up specifications
  • Tender/procurement representative
  • Planning
  • Control of costs and budget
  • Estimates
  • Drafting of contracts

Aside from the specialized teams responsible for the theoretical support and technical execution, ADF also manages the administration in a correct manner. As such you are able to keep a watchful eye on your project!

Want to know more about our sectors or our services? Or do you have a specific question about your project? Don’t hesitate to contact one of our employees for further information.