Know-how and expertise

The competencies of our employees form the foundation of our business model. We employ 3000 people, each highly skilled in their own specific area of expertise. We highly value and invest in the formation and education of soft- and hardskills.

Technical skills and expertise are of crucial importance, especially in the petrochemical industry, the steel industry and the oil and gas industry. A lack of knowledge or executive skills in these sectors quickly leads to disastrous ecological and financial consequences. Think of spillage or the complete redesign of pipelines or metal constructions.

The perfect team

In order to guarantee a qualitatively superior service, ADF TIB assembles a team of experienced and competent employees for each individual project. Whether this involves a project manager, an HSE employee, a welder, a stability engineer or a mechanic - each employee of ADF TIB possesses tangible experience and expertise. As such, we are able to guarantee an optimal technical service in the most secure, efficient and qualitative manner, time and time again!

Aside from technical competencies, each employee adheres to the 7 core values of ADF TIB. As one of the most prominent firms in machinery construction, piping, industrial maintenance, mechanics and the construction of skids, we differentiate ourselves from the competition by means of our respect and engagement for our clients. Read more about our core values here.