Mechanical maintenance & contract management

Optimal availability of installations

During industrial maintenance, ADF TIB strives to keep the installations of its customers optimally available. Each client is different and requires different disciplines, timetables and care. We always include this consideration in the maintenance plans. We believe that preventive maintenance is crucial for the correct functioning of the installations. To guarantee optimal availability, we invest a lot of time in perfecting our contract management. Every customer receives a tailor-made solution that causes the least inconvenience with the daily work. We also work on the development of the technical infrastructure of our customers.

Contract management

The first step in setting up a project is to make good agreements. Contract management ensures that the agreements between ADF TIB and the customer are clear and transparent, and that these are fulfilled. We are aware of the fact that every customer requires a different approach. The work is usually a complex collection of production and service processes. With the contract management of ADF TIB, our partners are assured of staff who have excellent knowledge of the policies, processes and systems that form the basis of a seamless cooperation.

Maintenance of installations

In the maintenance plans for the installations, we take a good look at the daily activities of the customer and the specific requirements that they set to the maintenance. A specially assigned team then develops a procedure that guarantees the optimal availability of the installations. The team of engineers has been trained with the knowledge of the demanding safety, hygiene and environmental regulations and productivity and quality requirements that apply in the European Union. ADF TIB also invests in studies, expertise and maintenance activities to keep the customer's hardware and software up to date.

Expansion of technical infrastructure

ADF TIB is active in industries with the strongest form of mechanization and automation. Her clients work with advanced equipment, facilities and management. Investing in studies, expertise and maintenance activities is therefore essential to remain a key player in this demanding market. Customers of ADF TIB benefit from this by the specialized teams who are happy to give advice and assist with the development of the technical infrastructure. This leads to installations that are more sustainable and stimulate productivity. If you are looking for a reliable partner in the industrial maintenance of your installations, do not hesitate to contact ADF TIB today. You are welcome to stop by for a non-binding conversation.