The workshop

The workshops of ADF form one of our cornerstones, providing a wide range of fabrication, repair and restoration facilities. That way, ADF is able to guarantee a 24-hour service in which a variety of applications are possible. Our technicians are not only available on-site, they utilize and maintain ADF’s own materials and infrastructure as well as those of our clients. A few of our showpieces:

  • Laser cutting and burning
  • Welded structures and pressure vessels according to PED
  • High pressure piping up to 10.000 bar
  • Travelling cranes up to 100 tonnes

Having difficulties resolving your issue on-site or do you simply wish to make space for other jobs? We’d gladly take care of business behind the scenes, in our own custom workshop.

The yard

Production stoppages or shutdowns heavily impact our customers’ business. To reduce these to a minimum, ADF’s expert crew of technicians provides on-site interventions. Our specialists in the areas of maintenance, on-site machining, total project and hauling activities ensure that the throughput time of an intervention is minimized. ADF possesses extensive experience in the organisation of total maintenance packages, either independently or in collaboration with the client. Our specialities include:

  • Hot tapping (tapping into pipes under pressure)
  • Rotating equipment services
  • Machining on site
  • Orbital welding
  • Bolt tensioning and torquing
  • Welding and restoration of heat exchangers
  • Annealing and welding with reporting

At times, the nature of an issue restricts transportation, stopping us from resolving it at our workshop. For very urgent issues that impede the production process of your company, an on-site intervention is a must. ADF possesses the theoretical and practical know-how to get your infrastructure operational again even under such circumstances, and this in various sectors such as petrochemicals, the steel industry and oil or gas.

Precision mechanics

High-end industrial constructions allow no room for error. Our technicians have years of executive experience in various domains, and as such are able to provide perfect mechanical solutions for our clients. A few of the areas in which our mechanics excel:

  • All treatment processes (conventional and digital machines)
  • Small and large capacities
  • Improvements of the facilities
  • Realisation of 3D prototype components

In need of a custom-made solution? Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your project. We’d be glad to assist you!

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