Shut down

ADF TIB is your ideal partner for the management and execution of planned and unplanned shut-downs. We take care of the entire process from a detailed planning to a problem-free restart of the factory. Safety and quality are central to all our activities. Over the past 20 years, ADF TIB has carried out more than 350 shut-downs in various factories in Europe. We are able to deploy teams of up to 400 specialists to put the shut-down back on the right track. Every shut-down is performed according to schedule, budget and for a fixed price.


Our services

  • Consultancy and detailed planning
  • Project organisation, planning and execution
  • Stoppages with up to 400 executive staff, mechanics, fitters, welders.
  • QA/QC and safety organisation 100%.
  • Lead contractor organiser with third parties.
  • Technical solution teams.


Planning shut-down

Industrial companies that depend on large installations for their production regularly carry out scheduled shut-downs for maintenance work. Because of the time pressure and the often complex work, good planning is indispensable. ADF TIB works out the planning of the shut-down down to the smallest detail. A good project organization is of great importance here. ADF TIB also offers consultancy in the field of shut-downs.


Execution shut-down

ADF TIB is able to deploy up to 400 specialists to lead the shut-downs to a flawless restart. Think of executive personnel such as mechanics, fitters, welders. Our technical solutions team is able to solve the most complex problems. ADF TIB also works as a lead contractor organizer with third parties. We have a lot of experience in working with other specialists.


Quality and safety

ADF TIB only works according to the highest standards in terms of quality and safety. This includes the welding and manufacturing of parts. The project managers, the quality managers and the welding engineer guarantee a correct follow-up of the standards. ADF TIB also has internal prevention advisers, who continuously monitor safety, prevention and quality during the work, and adjust where necessary.