Optimization of availability

ADF TIB carries out the entire production of skids, including base plates and structures, pipes, instrument panels and valves. These meet the most demanding standards and the final packaging follows the SEI standards. A skid is the ideal solution for many customers. The complete installation is on a frame and can be mounted much faster than individual components. We always strive to optimize the availability of the installations and skids contribute to this by interrupting the customer's production process more briefly. Productivity and efficiency remain at the highest level. We also offer studies on the functionalities and benefits of using skids.


Skids are multi-usable and a combination of hardware, software and piping can be connected. Different disciplines come together in the construction of a skid. We put together a team of engineers, welders and assembly technicians. These have different backgrounds in electrical engineering or mechatronics. Furthermore, during the assembly we arrange that the skid is programmed and then the desired process can immediately start. Our teams follow special training courses to provide expertise and deliver the highest quality.

A robust and reliable solution

At ADF TIB we develop, build and deliver the technology for the correct treatment of oil and gas. This includes separation technologies, flow controls and security systems. Through our skids we deliver total solutions between the source and pipeline. The skids offer a robust and reliable solution for both onshore and offshore applications. The equipment needed to start production is installed very quickly. In addition, the mobile units are easy to disassemble and move after work.

The highest quality standards

An aspect that is of great importance at ADF TIB is energy and the environment. One of the ways we work to improve this is to optimize energy consumption. The skids meet the highest quality standards of the Oil & Gas industry and lose minimal energy during production. We achieve this through better insulation of the pipelines. Our partners are assured of material that is 100% traceable. Optimization of energy consumption improves the environment and saves high costs in the long term. If you want more information about our skids, please contact ADF TIB today. You are welcome to come by for a non-binding meeting to discuss your wishes.