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ADF TIB follows the highest quality standards for the monitoring of all welding and manufacturing, both in its workshops and yards.

The quality control per welding file complies with all European standards. The project managers, quality managers and the welding engineer ensure a correct follow-up.

Certification of welders is an important item in our services. ADF TIB is proud to be able to appeal to a large number of certified welders, allowing us to fulfill our clients’ needs, however complex they are. 

When we take on a project, we like to round it up as qualitatively as possible. That’s why we work together with external parties (including Loyds, SGS and DNV) when needed. For each project, we

  • monitor the origin of the material certificates
  • follow up on welders
  • carry out surveys on tensile testing
  • etcetera

PED (Pressure equipment Directive) is an important aspect to our work. ADF TIB has in-house software developers who check the different levels of PED according to the current legislation.

The DIN, ASME, LEAFLET, European directives PED (Pressure equipment Directive) and other standards are all included in our work. Client-specific standardization is possible.


All executive staff members enjoyed thorough training and are well acquainted with the safety measures.

ADF TIB has 3 internal prevention advisors, who are responsible for safety, prevention and continuous quality monitoring and adjusting.

The signing of the security charter supports the great importance that ADF TIB attaches to security and well-being in its projects. The company is actively working on a security policy, without, however, losing sight of production quality.

Each customer has its own needs and industrial standards. That’s why we have a conversation with each client about risk management and on-site practicalities. That way, we can tailor our products and services to their demands. 

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