Your function : 

  • You coordinate your team and supports them on a technical level
  • You set up the Division of labour and provides the correct execution of it
  • You lead a team of welders, pipe fitters, mechanics ... on site by our customers.
  • You are responsable for the division of labour and the smooth running of the commands.
  • You are a motivational coach, gives clear instructions, run works out, helps solve problems and checks the quality of the executed works.
  • You collect work permits, set instructions on and communicates this to responsible on site
  • You formulate proposals to improve the service
  • You are responsible for the daily supervision of the safety on the yards. you give toolbox meetings, verify that everyone carries his personal protective equipment, you will carry workplace inspections .


  • You are technical skilled
  • You have a basic welding and pipefitting and read and interpret isometric drawings
  • You can look back on a first relevant work experience
  • You have a good knowledge of Dutch
  • You watch over the safety and quality

We offer:

You will work in a dynamic company in full bloom where attention is paid to sustainability, growth and individual career development.
Respect for people and their skills are central to ADF TIB.
ADF TIB also offers an attractive salary package with additional legal benefits and job security