The industrial maintenance

The expert in industrial maintenance

With more than 50 years of experience, ADF TIB is an expert in industrial maintenance. During the maintenance of the installations, we ensure that these remain optimally available and that the customer experiences minimal nuisance and loss of productivity. Maintenance prevents long-term costs for expensive repair costs or the purchase of completely new systems. In addition to the planned service, the installations also undergo regular cleaning. Our maintenance teams ensure reliability, safety and sustainability of the installations.

Expansion of technical infrastructure

We invest in studies, expertise and maintenance activities to keep the hardware and software of our customers up to date. In addition, we assist with the development of the technical infrastructure to bring it to the highest level. We take the right measures to protect the storage environment of the data and to prevent loss of information and function. As a result, the customer has complete control of the installations at all times.

Accurate planning of the maintenance procedure

We carefully plan the maintenance procedures before we get started to ensure optimization and availability of the installations. This ensures that we provide insight into the costs of future maintenance so that the customer is not faced with surprises. A correct implementation of the maintenance plans also keeps the costs minimized. Every year we examine which aspects are inspected and we register possible defects. We resolve any unforeseen irregularities immediately.

Correct technical competences

The competences of our employees make the foundation of our company. For this reason, we give our 3000 employees special training to achieve the correct technical competencies. The maintenance experts have extensive knowledge about safety, hygiene, environmental regulations, and productivity and quality requirements. In addition, our employees have knowledge about the most demanding standards that currently apply in the European Union. Before our teams visit, they receive special training about your installations. Our partners are guaranteed to receive the right expertise and maintenance.

Maintaining and improving performance

In whichever industry you are active, ADF TIB possesses the ideal maintenance procedures for your installations. We always have one goal in mind: offering solutions that maintain and improve the performance of our industrial customers. For this reason, we offer a total package with 4 pillars. In addition to Maintenance, you can also come to us for energy and the environment, large projects and technologies. You are welcome to come by for a no-obligation conversation. For more information, contact ADF TIB.

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