Major projects

Turnkey solutions

ADF TIB offers its partners turnkey solutions for large projects. We offer a wide range of industrial pipelines, hydraulics, boiler construction, steel structures, mechanics and skids. We provide the expansion and improvement of industrial installations within the applicable standards and with respect for the established deadlines. With more than 50 years of experience in the field of large projects, the customer is assured of a professional and appropriate solution.

Engineers with knowledge

ADF TIB is active in a large number of industries, including petrochemicals, the nuclear sector, the energy sector, the oil and gas sector and aviation. Large parts of these industries have mechanization and automation. Advanced means, facilities and management is the norm. To meet the needs of these customers, we have engineers who meet very demanding criteria and have extensive knowledge of productivity and quality requirements. Our engineers are solution-oriented and have a structural and professional approach. With the expertise of the engineers from ADF TIB every major project is in good hands.

Guaranteed the highest quality

For both the expansion and the renovation of a project, ADF TIB has a professional team ready for its customers. We guarantee the highest quality through integrated cooperation with quality and security services. We ensure correct contract management where clear agreements are made and where there is total transparency about the costs and materials that we use. When choosing the materials, we always keep an eye on energy and the environment. Due to the close cooperation we strive towards an optimized and sustainable improvement of the project. With our proven experience we bring every project to a good end.

Collaboration for the best result

There are always several disciplines involved in large projects. Good preparation and cooperation is therefore crucial. We deploy different teams that each have their own specialty. Once the project is set in motion, all these specialties come together seamlessly to complete the entire process successfully. All activities are supported by an integrated agency for constant project management. Safety and quality always come first. If you are looking for a reliable partner in setting up a large project, please contact ADF TIB. You are most welcome to come by for a non-binding discussion to discuss your wishes.

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